David J Smith - Organist/Harpsichordist/Musicologist

Label: Vox Regis, VXR0001

US release date: 20 May 2016

UK and rest of world release date: 27 May 2016

Available from record stores, Amazon, iTunes
David J Smith is an organist, harpsichordist and musicologist based in Aberdeen, Scotland. He is Master of Chapel and Ceremonial Music and Organist to the University of Aberdeen. He combines musicology with performance as an organist, recorder and continuo player, specialising in early keyboard music by composers from England and the Netherlands and in improvisation.

O Sacrum Convivium was released on the Vox Regis record label in the UK on 27 May 2016, and in the USA on 20 May. David directs the Choir of King's College, Aberdeen and plays the Aubertin organ in King's College Chapel, University of Aberdeen.

For sample tracks, see Organ and Choral Direction webpages.
To contact David, email david@davidjsmith.org.uk