David J Smith - Organist/Harpsichordist/Musicologist

Ashgate Historical Keyboard Series
David is General Editor of the Ashgate Historical Keyboard Series with Andrew Woolley. The series is intended to be wide in scope, both in terms of chronology (historical need not be ‘early’) and of approach. David and Andrew are happy to offer informal advice to potential contributors. Further information about the series may be found here.
'Continuity, change and the emergence of idiomatic organ repertoire in seventeenth-century England'

David's contribution to Studies in English Organ Music offers a reappraisal of keyboard music in  seventeenth-century England. He distinguishes between continuity in domestic and professional keyboard practice throughout the 16th and 17th centuries, and the exceptional music of the so-called English virginalists, all of whom were actually organists by profession.

He argues that the period of Civil War and Commonwealth was not as bleak for organ playing as is sometimes supposed, examining the place of the instrument in secular contexts. He examines instrumental designation in the sources, and traces the emergence of idiomatic organ genres.